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trying really hard not to die

posted April 3, 2017

Hey guys! So I’ve recently been accepted to write for Affinity Magazine, and I’m so happy! Unfortunately because of this and school I probably won’t be able to post much here. However, you can check out my Affinity profile where I have articles posted weekly.

posted Sept 10, 2016 

New 8tracks mix for spring 2016! Listen here. (Couldn’t figure out how to embed, sorry ):

posted July 9, 2016



i’m sally. this is the first time i’m writing for a blog. it never really registered with me how useful this platform would be for my scattered thoughts. i write on index cards, my laptop, my phone notes, my journal. they’re strewn all over the place – disorder is my middle name.

high school is a very busy time, but i will try to keep my blogging consistent. i’m making a commitment. i hope to someday become a journalist, or author, and i think blogging is a path many who are now in that vocation have taken before. i hope it’s not too late for me.

to whoever’s reading, thank you! i appreciate your attention and i hope my future pieces of writing will entertain, inspire, and inform you about the world. enjoy.

posted May 26, 2016